I always believe that a good software engineer:

  • should be a good product owner with user perspective
  • should actively practise code of conduct
  • should be excited about new technologies and welcome changes

I hope to become a good software engineer.
And I can build exciting products that do good to societies.

Education and Experiences

Nanyang Technological University

  • Aug 2017 - May 2021
  • B.Eng. Computer Engineering
  • Full NTU Science and Engineering Undergraduate Merit Scholarship


Aug 2021 - Now (Backend Software Engineer - Central Product Platform)

  • Instant Messaging Cloud Platform. Sep-Oct Bi-Month Spot Bonus Receiver

    • Maintain TikTok Instant Messaging Go microservices, handling global oncall.
    • Build features such as multi-datacenter synchronisation that empowers seemless experience for global TikTok users; Built message loss troubleshooting tool that analyse complicated data loss issue automatically.
  • Location System Cloud Platform, IP geolocation product owner for overseas Biz.

    • Work as a one man team, mentoring an intern, building foundation for location business in Singapore, establish online, offline task standards and alerts, building CICD flow and automation process.
    • Build ASEAN IP Geolocation features to improve location accuracy by great percents. Optimising IP Geolocation Services latency

Jan 2021 - May 2021 (Software Engineer Intern - Central Product Platform)

  • API Gateway(AGW) Cloud Platform. We provide routing, rate limiting, protocol conversion and other PaaS products for company users.

    • Developed Self Diagnosis Tools and Usage Estimation Tool for AGW


  • Aug 2019 - Jan 2021 (Co-Founder, Full Stack Engineer)

    • Works from Client-Side Flutter App to Backend Spring Boot Microservices including push notification services, authorisation service
    • Revamped the app’s technical structure to the new stack, adapting the new Spring Cloud backend microservices. Achieved 4k daily active users in late 2020
    • Website:


  • May 2020 - Jul 2020 (Software Engineer Summer Inern)

    • Scrum Master and Product owner of two projects participated events, Visa Global Case Challenge and Visa Global Hackathon.
    • 1st Runner Up Prize of the Visa Global Intern Hackathon among 60 teams.

Transforma Robotics

  • Jun 2019 - Dec 2019 (Software Engineer Intern (First Job))

    • Worked as the only developer who designed, structured, wrote code and documentation, tested and deployed the Android Application (Java) used by the company.
    • A functional application successfully finished its demonstration to company customers in less than two months from the beginning. Now it is used as a product by the company.


  • Some Golang/Java/Dart progamming skills
  • Know some basic RDB/KVDB/
  • Know some basic backend software components, e.g MQ, Cache
  • Know some basic Distributed System Knowledge
  • Know some basic CICD/Docker/Microservice



[email protected]